An Anatomy of War

by Cemetery Dust

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released May 1, 2012



all rights reserved


Cemetery Dust Austria

Established in 2005. Austrian/ Bavarian Metal Force with thrashing parts, deathlike grooves and acid tongued lyrics!

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Track Name: When the Skies are Enlightened
Track Name: Death Comes to Town
Hear the sound of rising terror
taste the smell of endless fear
see the might of senseless violence
feel no regret and have to mercy
let the fire raise your hate
squares and streets are soaked with the blood of thousands
when death comes to town

Death comes to town
abandon all hope

Reign of hate, reign of fear, reign of greed
a genocide, spread by lies and deceit
propaganda, keeps the mind in control
henchmen of war, human creatures, without soul

Choose your victims
stab your dagger in their hearts
they for sure deserve your bloodlust
don't you feel shame for your duty
don't you fear atrocity
absolution is the final godsend
when death comes to town

Millions of dead covered with dust
their memorial disgraced, forever lost
how many more to be killed
and will we stop killing us, before we become extinct
Track Name: Zeitgeist
War, fire, blood, death, hatred
this time’s so turbulent
religion, terror, third world crisis
system weeps, air starts to burn

Shattered Bodys, civilians die like rats
burning citys, the god of war we praise
two faced Politics, celebrate a masquerade
let us pray, live death on tv

So inhale, now hold your breath, the cards are mixed
so what will we get, doom of fortune

Zeitgeist, warcrimes, endtime, zeitgeist

Crying Mothers, dead baby in her arms
starving children, things go far to far
smiling terrorist, finger on the trigger
collateral Damage, necessary evil

I bear the world pain, intensive, the gain of hate
see no justice, see just disgrace, politics, is there room for change

Religion to control, the people, retain progress
warmongers, clerical hate, atonement, when will you change
Track Name: Sons of Hades
When I close my eyes at night I see the faces of the dead
staring out of the abyss, their views pierce my soul
hese lifeless figures, I don’t know who they are

Cold winds will scatter the ashes

Sons of hades strike,
witnesses of pain
once in human form
blistering Fate remains

Strike, and they strike, and they strike
when i close my eyes
strike, and they strike, and they strike
when i close my eyes

What do you seek from me, whats your destiny
you serve the darkness, you bring the pain
if I wake your deviant sleep my madness comes alive

Antidote, antidote, where’s the antidote, try, try a cure you’ll find
must I suffer a defeat, push the limits, hang in there
die, die, the words they cry, they seduce you to deny
swallow the pill to pass away, I never will

When the flood comes to your mind the sons of hades strike
whispering tales of afterlife, persuading people to suicide

I am prepared, I am prepared, I am prepared
when you step in my life
Track Name: The Dissident
I am the dissident, failure in the System
fear my words and fear my thoughts
your powers not god given

Silent Force but powerful hiding in the underground
a conscience for the gouvernment wanted for imprisonment
pulling the invisible strings hunted by the mighty ones

blacklistperson number one, secret service on the search
no one dares to say these things, but I have to spread the word
call me traitor, tread on me, I' ll lead the masses, your defeat

They wanna lock me up and throw away the key

Now I 'll bring the needed change, slowly with fists raised
people feel the new born blaze, the network starts a wave
system of brutality, cruel reality

Thousands gathered here, our protest is strong
hear the sinphony, of freedom
bring your soldiers, bring your tanks, a human wall we build
we are here to prove, your powers not god given
Track Name: Nation vs. Nation [An Antomy of War Part I]
Smoking guns and smoking ruins, murder by command
to free the unprivileged ones from the claws of their own governments
despair and grief hunt in the shadows, humanity's collapsed
and we are glued to our highdefinition-screens, questioning "what's next"

Will there be more war against terror, does anybody still believe in peace,
is it worth to die for honor, can bloodshed bring liberty

And far from the final cries the gates of heaven are locked and sealed
the insanity of our deeds has finally proved their non-existence
there’s a nation against nation, it’s the source of our frustration
for profit and religous lust, cultures collide, innocents die
we are too ignorant to see that our path leads to nothing

Put the finger on the trigger, feel the pure virility,
let live, let die, be god, be good and follow to fight the evil enemy

Faith, faith dies with your home and your beloved ones
dignity, is to be raped so easily
terror, is not a thing of good and evil
it's just a point of view

In the safety of conference rooms, hidden from publicity
lobbies and their politicians, decide about mankinds destiny
will there be war, once again
one endless circle, ‘till the end
Track Name: Human vs. Human [An Anatomy of War Part II]
Look deep into the mirror, the face of a monster you‘ll see
welcome to project human race, like a bad joke if there’s a god we praise
we’re able to kill children in war , able to rape women for our fun
we tear families apart , we didn’t know and that’s just war

Deep inside our souls , where the chaos grows
give me a situation, unleash the beast’s creation
humen are bound to death and they know they’ll die
we breathe cruelty and feast on painful cries

War economy must thrive you see, when they built enough bombs they need a place to drop
support or instigate a conflict in an unstable place, control it afterwards, exploiting, war reward
we rebel against our pinion to save the continuity of our own race
modern warfare grants the possibilities, killing people without looking in their eyes

Drop the bombs, maneuver the drones, you can’t see humility in one’s face
the psychological desaster grows, with every step in war technology

Our ethics grow to slow ‘cause war is always one step ahead
we need to clarify the minds and wash away the hate

Human versus human, no dignity
Human versus human, fatality
Human versus human, desensitizing
Human versus human, self destruct

The face of hatred infests our souls
this disease called hatredy, can make you strong can make you weak
can fill the emptiness in you, but it can cheat , it will betray you
‘cause when the hate diminishes, regrets fulfill your world instead
in this world of opposing rage, we should wage to walk another way

Fear their rage, fear their greed, fear their terror, feel our fears
unbalanced forces make conflicts uneven, the capitalistic idea must expand or it dies
be a victim, be a slave, be a refugee, human disgrace
what defines an enemy is what’s defined by authority
you would never turn your back to the one who’s got the gun in his hand

Face it, our struggle, against ourselves, has just begun
it’s in our hands, it’s in our faith, it’s our story, we decide
open up, the minds to see, we must fight for, how we want to be
it’s in our hands, it’s in our faith, it’s our story, we decide

An anatomy of war
Track Name: The Rising Tides
Facts and fiction, brought to light
philsophers, war of mind
different viewings, world is blind
use a torch, light the abyss

Through the cosmic storm we ride
ten thousand questions by our side
complex system, human mind
damned to search and not to find
every new found anwser
brings millions of questions
What can we know
what is our destiny

Building a hypothesis, what exists in time and space
the torch brings more dark than light, all the links we can not see

burn your bibles, crush your corans, you lay it out to sin,
no matter what your scriptures say the empirism wins

An entity in time, washed away by the tides
thoughts were thought before, like silhouettes on the wall
this cradle is burning, entire worldviews are turning
just to bring the dark to light, since day one the privileged fight

Thoughts fly through the world
collision course is programmed
opinions crash together
use your mind forget the sword
no progress through bloodshed
every force creates a counterforce

Never shall the doubts betray me, always shall the thoughts lead my way
human mind is so capable, time and thoughts become new gods
I can feel the rising tides, they wash away the sands of time
Track Name: Illuminator
Lives spin around fear, fragile opinions, not master of their senses
cover weakness in hate, violence kills all dialogue
no one wants to be the outcast or think about the consequences
an illuminator enters to improve the human thought

In history brave men stood up, they rose their voice, it’s their own choice
against oppression, fundamentalism, war, they woke up and they felt the chaos

Those who act create the world, those who hush live with the burden

Sow the seeds, illuminator’s deed, these words so dangerous for those who speak

Minds connect for a paradigm change, a growing web through improved thoughts
step by step new ideas grow, the devils name is stagnation

My life turns upside down, doubts fulfil my mind
is this fight a senseless one, will my cries be heard
anyway it is to late, there’s something they see in me
the path is set, my way is chosen, time to make real the illusion

The devils name is stagnation, i choose the life, I choose the fight
it couldn’t live here with my conscience, can’t tolerate the circumstances
I have to believe in another way, pushing the alternatives into the collective mind

I need to feel the mass effects, of my doing in the world, blood and sweat spilled
Track Name: Old World Order
Now we face again, history recurs, west vs. east, tensions grow again
The skirmish reigns for 100 years, which system will disappear
who will be the stronger one, proven through superior force

Who, will push, the red, button

Cuba crisis, power measurement, black saturday, world on the edge
powerless we watch the scene, the future brings uncertainty
the game the mighty ones now play, will they drop the bomb, give in

Old world order, nuclear tyrants reborn
ready to crush the earth, no one would survive
madness or sanity, will we live or die

Cold war shadows, mutual distrust, evil empires, propaganda art
red star against stars and stripes, collectivism against individual strenght
secret wars decide the game, wepons for confederates

Missiles in position, aircraft in the skies, submarines prepare , for the final strike

Missiles in position, millions watch the tv screens
aircraft in the skies, children playing on the streets
submarines prepare, mankind holds its breath again, for the final strike

When the clock strikes midnight, mushroom clouds grow worldwide
few decide about mankind, they lead us to eternal night
when the clock strikes midnight, there’s no sign of hope just lifeless eyes
the leaders of the endtime dare to open pandoras box

Even now, after the wall dropped, they show their fists again, the story never ends
an ancient rivalry, cold war and conspiracy, thousands of nuclear arms, m.a.d. doctrine